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Contact Center from Hudson InfoSys

Modern businesses need multiple communication channels to cater to diverse client preferences. To meet this need, Hudson InfoSys offers Contact Center (CC), a comprehensive unified communications solution. CC provides your organization with a powerful and flexible set of tools to enhance the customer engagement experience for any contact style, including voice, text, or chat.

CC empowers your customer-facing agents with instant information on their desktop about the caller, which boosts human engagement, increases first contact resolutions (FCR), and decreases call times. It also reduces overhead by helping you manage resources more efficiently without sacrificing customer satisfaction. The user-friendly interface offers a customizable experience for both administrators and agents, including dashboards, reports, and screen pops with database integration. CC also integrates with nearly all platforms (PBX) and databases and can be deployed as a standalone cloud offering.

With Contact Center from Hudson InfoSys, you can:

Our Contact Center solution is built for organizations that want to create a pleasant customer experience through the management, monitoring, and enhancement of the entire customer engagement process.

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